Wow not updating mac

Because they all give links to the US apps, I'm uploading an updated EU toolset now.

People on the US forums suggest just downloading the patches via somebody else, just copy their updated tools over.

Anyone else have this problem or know how to solve it? Try running a selective startup to get around this. This issue can sometimes occur due to corrupted tools files.

Thanks Steve Orcot, Make sure that your LAN settings and Internet Explorer settings are set correctly. Please be aware that running while in this mode can potentially disable any security programs you may have running. Let's try deleting those files, so that they can be redownloaded.

I start the launcher and the play button isn't clickable anymore. It started the updater ingame, it downloaded and then gave an install error. I do suggest backing up your own files before copying these over. And report it on the start page so we all can see when there is a problem and we not have to use repair tools or deleting folders.greets :)Same problem here..... Can anybody of the support staff even give us a sign they read this and are looking for a solution (I only see reports from players, but when no one from the helpdesk is assuring people... Click on the apple in the top of ur screen, then Software Update...

Should be here in about 5 minutes.~Vaeil Here we go.

Hello, Since this morning my Wo W all of the sudden won't start anymore. Then I tried removing the cache etc files (solution from other thread) and then ran repair again and it was succesful again. Updated toolset, contains all 5 files (Repair, Downloader, Updater, Launcher and Wo W) - Link is temporary and might be invalid after 15 days. LINK: i got same problem , but im using windows vista cant start the game.i hope blizzard will fix this. Make sure you update your Mac OS X to 10.5.8 or 10.6.6, then try again.We also cover how to update your Mac with the more minor updates to the operating system that Apple issues throughout the year at the bottom of this article.If it's just an update to the current version of the Mac OS you need to install jump to this section: Install an update to Mac OS If you want to know how to update your apps on your Mac, read this: How to update all your Mac apps. App: /Applications/World of Warcraft/World of Exception: EXC_BAD_ACCESS Error Code: 0x85100086 Time: 2011-01-27 GMT Error: EXC_BAD_ACCESS KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE 0x0000012d Registers: eax = 0x00000000 ebx = 0x00000000 ecx = 0x00ec93f0 edx = 0x00f6b2a0 edi = 0x23003ce8 esi = 0x0132db00 ebp = 0xbfffdde8 esp = 0xbfffdaa0 ss = 0x0000001f eflags = 0x00010246 eip = 0x0026c944 cs = 0x00000017 ds = 0x0000001f es = 0x0000001f fs = 0x00000000 gs = 0x00000037 Crashed Thread: 0x00000207Hi! Project: 1010Build: 12911Configuration: Retail Code Type: X86OS Version: Mac OS X 10.6.5 (10H574)Executable UUID: 475ECBCA-203E-E060-A941-C935EBE34083Virtual Memory: 1255.52 MBRan For: 0 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes, and 28 seconds Streaming Build: Yes Settings: SET read TOS "1"SET read EULA "1"SET read Scanning "-1"SET read Contest "-1"SET locale "en GB"SET play Intro Movie "0"SET show Tools UI "1"SET accounttype "CL"SET portal "eu"SET realm List ""SET patchlist "en"SET hw Detect "0"SET gx Refresh "0"SET gx VSync "0"SET gx Multisample Quality "0.000000"SET gx Fix Lag "0"SET video Options Version "3"SET texture Filtering Mode "0"SET movie "0"SET Gamma "1.000000"SET read Termination Without Notice "1"SET Sound_Music Volume "0.40000000596046"SET Sound_Ambience Volume "0.60000002384186"SET farclip "450.000000"SET ground Effect Density "24"SET projected Textures "1"---------------------------------------- Gx Info----------------------------------------Gx Api: GLLShader Model: 3_0 Vertex: vp40 Pixel: fp40Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Renderer: NVIDIA Ge Force GT 330M Open GL Engine Version: 2.1 NVIDIA-1.6.24=========================================================Exception Raised!

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Updating your Mac to the latest version of the Mac operating system is really easy, and not nearly as time consuming as it used to be.

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