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Together they are pictured above with Behar (left) and singer Martina Mc Bride (second left)Guest hosts Jedediah Bila and Sara Haines - both of whom will be named as permanent co-hosts alongside Sunny Hostin for Season 20 - just looked uncomfortable, unaware of how to respond to Faris' unsolicited outburst.The controversial former 'The Cosby Show' and Disney's 'That So Raven' star has been plagued with backlash from African-American viewers since joining the show for not being very educated on history and social issues.The devout-Christian co-host of The View Paula Faris is seeing red and vowing to get revenge on the show's moderator Whoopi Goldberg.Following the demotion, Faris, a 40-year-old journalist, yelled at executives and claimed it was 'Whoop Goldberg's doing', a source close to the show said.Goldberg has a way of making you laugh until you cry.Her ‘tell it like it is’ humor and originality is one of the reason why she is adored by fans. Pictured above is Goldberg with Kelly Osbourne Despite the meeting taking place behind closed doors in Faris' dressing room, those passing by could hear her gripe about how 'I know this is Whoopi's doing' and accused the Oscar winner of sabotaging her.

Whoopi - who is on The View panel in America - said that the country are going through an "interesting" time at the moment, with her saying that she'd make an excuse to not go to work if bosses on her show wanted him to appear as a guest.Well, since neither Sherri nor Barbara (nor Joy, who instead of calling BS on Whoopi showed a picture of herself dressed in blackface) brought it up, we will: In 1993, Danson created a huge controversy when he appeared in blackface — full-on, no question about it minstrel show blackface — at the roast in honor of Goldberg.At the time, the two were dating and Goldberg not only defended him, but admitted that she had been in on planning the whole thing: “We’ve gotten a lot of hate mail,” she told Jet at the time. Is Whoopi right to defend the practice in either instance?She shared, when asked about what Americans are going through: "It's interesting.There's a Chinese curse and they got us, it was always going to be an interesting time and our lives don't change, the reality is we still have to go on."We had him on The View years ago, before he was President.

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We wish Sherri Shepherd, who took issue with Whoopi’s defense and categorically called blackface wrong because of its shameful history, had called Whoopi on the carpet.

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