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Married since August 2008, De Generes, 56, and de Rossi, 41, have recently been subjected to split rumors."The tabloids had a photo of Portia not wearing her wedding ring.On Saturday Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi were in full party mode.The couple couldn't wipe the smiles off their faces as they were spotted leaving a pre-Oscar bash holding hands in the city's Westwood neighborhood., confirmed something she'd been building up to for decades: "Yep," as the cover put it, "I'm gay."As Bruce Handy explained in the accompanying article, the announcement shocked more people than it surprised — both Ellen De Generes the comedian and Ellen Morgan, her sitcom character, had been the subject of some curiosity on that front for years. My dad said the most hilarious thing when I told him what I was going to do on the show. My first gay experience was literally someone else's idea--I was freaked out even by the thought of it.She had dodged interview questions by insisting on a sharp distinction between her public and private life, but word that she was planning to have Ellen Morgan come out of the closet had leaked months before the episode aired. He said, "You're not going to go all flamboyant, are ya? And I thought that was one experience and it was just her, and I started dating guys again, thinking, "Well, I just need to meet the right one." Never could, really.She goes, 'I didn't wear it because when I ride horses and I'm holding the reins, it gives me a blister! "It's what anyone experiences when you find that person that gets you, wants to take care of you, wants the best for you.'" De Generes tells in its March 3 cover story."The truth is, and this is corny, I fall more in love with Portia all the time. We're really lucky because we know how rare it is."De Generes doesn't often address rumors about her personal life, but she did use humor to diffuse the tension during a December 2013 episode of her eponymous talk show.

If anyone can get a celebrity to tell the truth about a rumored relationship, it's Ellen De Generes.

One such famous face was ex-First Lady Michelle Obama, who gave her love to Ellen in a pre-recorded video.

Some stars go the Goop route—fruit, kale, granola—with the snacks they ask for in their dressing rooms. Her rider, Ellen De Generes revealed today, is basically your college diet: regular Cheetos, hot Cheetos, Oreos, Golden Grahams cereal, Cup Noodles, red and white wine, vodka, soda, Frappuccinos, and garlic olives. "You never know what mood you're going to be in." And the Cheetos are the most important: "I don't eat the Oreos that much.

"The other day I'm at the hair salon getting these extensions," the Academy Awards host joked.

"And there's tabloids all over the hair salon—that's where they are, I guess.

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Just because someone has a short, bad haircut doesn’t mean she’s gay. ” Disney was named and shamed by GLAAD earlier this year for “failing” to represent the LGBT community in their films, with the studio also coming under pressure from fans to up its game.

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