Updating my pm and pdm programs

Because technicians will use the CMMS daily, they will grow to depend on it.

Early acceptance is important and buy-in during the initial evaluations is critical.

Preventive maintenance has been around for many years.

For instance, our ancestors sharpened their knives, packed animal fat in the hubs of wagons, cleaned pots after dying fabrics, and oiled their muskets.

Let’s begin by assuming we are dealing with a large plant with many programs already implemented as they attempt to move toward Reliability-Based Maintenance.

Many companies have recently implemented reliability initiatives geared toward optimizing the maintenance function at their plants.

For many of us, SOLIDWORKS PDM proves to be a lifesaver in automation time and again.

To make data entry a lot less painful and more practical, there are a few things we can do on the front end.

A company had multiple locations with different company identities at each location.

If the location was set to "City A" on the data card, then the drawing needed to show "Company A" in the title block.

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Our team applies our capabilities and competencies to deliver results.

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