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Several breaking changes were introduced in Puppet 4.0.

If you previously used Puppet 3.x, your manifests will need to be updated for the new implementation.

An error is raised if either side in an arithmetic expression is not a number or a string that can be converted to a number.

For example: $valid = 40 50 # valid because both values are numeric $valid = 25 '30' # valid because '30' can be cast numerically $invalid = 40 0789 # invalid because 0789 isn't a valid octal number $invalid = 40 '0789' # invalid because '0789' can't be cast numerically Some comparison operations have changed in Puppet 4.

An example: Custom Text Field 1 value: "abcd"Custom Text field 2 value: "efgh""calculated" Customer Text field 3 value: "abcd efgh"In this example, the user has provided values for Customer Text fields 1 and 2 in the screen but not for Customer Text field 3.

Although I have some experience with coding (mostly in the R domain, so mostly functional programming) I am a newby to JIRA and Scriptrunner.

The syntax for the Replace function in MS Access is: In this example, the variable called LResult would now contain the value "elphebet".

And would such code also work if the 'calculated' field would be the summary field?

I was asserting on the below response against my database value which is supposed to be Response from the service for score Date: 2017-03-16T- Database value for score Date: 2017-03-16 (Expected value) I am passing the List name as a parameter from my Datasource excel sheet('Expected IPList' column).

So I created a Value assertion for the above element and updated my xpath as below to match the response to my database value and when I ran it , it gave me an error Xpath: replace(substring-before(/root/item[name="$"]/score Date/text(),"-"),"T"," ") Error Message: Data Source: Model Score (row 1): An error occurred while processing an assertion: saxon.trans.

In that screen, the user has to enter values to a number of custom text fields.

When I close the screen I would like to run a post function that calculates the concatenation (with a space as separator) of two separate custom text fields into a third custom text field.

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The following examples would have been equivalent in Puppet 3, but are now different: node 1name # invalid because 1name is not a valid decimal number; you would need to quote this name notice(0xggg) # invalid because 0xggg is not a valid hexadecimal number $a = 1 0789 # invalid because 0789 is not a valid octal number Mathematical expressions still convert strings to numeric values.

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