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Answer: You're absolutely correct it does provide far better real-time protection than just the installed signature files alone and can catch malware that the installed signature files can't detect yet however I have personally witnessed on several occassions a fatal flaw or bug in Avast's Cloud Services as explained below.

If you're like me and have adopted the layered security approach and scan with , and do all video encoding while disconnected from the Internet you'll quickly find out in a very harsh way that Avast Free Antivirus can make your computer almost unusable when you disconnect from the Internet. In Cloud Services click the Settings button at the lower-right.5.

It is very thorough though and when I first downloaded it it had found a virus on my system which trendmicro didn't.

When I specify it, there is a strange message: "Windows Services have been restricted with rules that allow expected behavior only.

Also, you have to pay for subscriptions to updates.

However, I made the switch to Avast Home (which is a free download) and I have been very happy with it.

It can cause your computer to become hopelessly slow and non-responsive to the point where you'll have to either restart, or force a bad shutdown and bad shutdowns can possibly cause filesystem damage by corrupting files or worse Windows itself. In Cloud Services Settings untick/disable these features:· Enable reputation services.· Enable streaming updates.6. Now when you disconnect from the Internet Avast Free Antivirus won't cause havoc on your computer anymore. Edit: The other day, Avast popped up a strange warning that some file or other is rarely downloaded.

Avast Free Antivirus causes all this havoc because its Cloud Services is in constant communication with the Avast Cloud Server , and when that connection is severed it causes serious problems, hence the reason to disable it either temporarily while you need to disconnect from the Internet, or more drastic by disabling it permanently. Note: If you only wanted to disable it temporarily you'll have to remember to re-enable it, but only after you've already re-connected to the Internet. That cloud service may be why it did that, you think?

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I recently uninstalled Zone Alarm and have decided to use Windows Firewall as my firewall as Zone Alarm was causing me grief when I was syncing my iphone.

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