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Unmarshaller setvalidating

JAXBContext jc = Instance( "foo" ); Unmarshaller u = jc.create Unmarshaller(); Document Builder Factory dbf = Document Builder Instance(); Namespace Aware(true); Document Builder db = Document Builder(); Document doc = db.parse(new File( "xml File.xml")); Object o = u.unmarshal( doc ); can validate a document with the schema while unmarshalling.class governs the process of deserializing XML data into newly created Java content trees, optionally validating the XML data as it is unmarshalled.[moxy 2.6.0] First intresting thing is that I need to put schema which should be already in Dynamic Context.But even with setting schema to unmarshaller again it gives me an error.I've tried to use this one: final JAXBUnmarshaller unmarshaller = dynamic JAXBContext.create Unmarshaller(); //Schema(); final Schema schema = schemas.get(type); Schema(schema); Validating(true); Exception Description: An error occurred resolving the XML Schema. Null Pointer Exception Exception [Eclipse Link-25012] (Eclipse Persistence Services - 2.6.0.v20150309-bf26070): org.eclipse.persistence.exceptions.XMLMarshal Exception Exception Description: An error occurred resolving the XML Schema. Null Pointer Exception at org.eclipse.persistence.exceptions. XMLMarshal Exception.error Resolving XMLSchema(XMLMarshal Exception.java:186) at org.eclipse.schema.

These unmarshal methods utilize JAXBContext 's mapping of global XML element declarations and type definitions to JAXB mapped classes to initiate the unmarshalling of the root element of XML data.

Instances of those interfaces can be created from a object so that it is capable of managing the schema derived interfaces.

The client application must supply a context path which is a list of colon (':') separated java package names that contain schema derived classes.

XMLSchema Class Path URL(XMLSchema Class Path Reference.java:48) at org.eclipse.

XMLUnmarshaller.initialize Schemas(XMLUnmarshaller.java:211) at org.eclipse. Validation Mode(XMLUnmarshaller.java:155) at org.eclipse. Validating(JAXBUnmarshaller.java:756) Using only set Schema do the job. BTW I already set the schema, but looks like set Validatig() is doing some weird stuff and throwing an exception.

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These bindings allow you to unmarshal XML documents into a hierarchy of Java objects and marshal the Java objects into XML with minimal effort.

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