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Re os dating arsenopyrite

A full publication list for Re-Os is available here.For sulfide minerals, Re-Os geochronology has direct application to the timing and duration of hydrothermal ore deposit formation.Arsenopyrite is found in high temperature hydrothermal veins, in pegmatites, and in areas of contact metamorphism or metasomatism.Arsenopyrite crystallizes in the monoclinic crystal system and often shows prismatic crystal or columnar forms with striations and twinning common.The processing of such minerals has led to numerous cases of poisonings.

This work has resulted in major advancements in the direct isotopic dating of crustal sulfide minerals, petroleum source-rocks, and natural hydrocarbons, using Re-Os isotopes.These data suggest the presence of a mantle-derived component in the ore system that was probably introduced during the generation of the granitoid magmas.These new timing and source constraints provide important new insight into the generation of this giant gold deposit, and they necessitate reexamination of genetic models for Muruntau and potentially other giant “orogenic gold” deposits worldwide.Os initial ratios derived from arsenopyrite were coupled with He isotopic data from fluid inclusions within arsenopyrite to constrain the source of ore metals and fluids.Muruntau arsenopyrite yields relatively unradiogenic initial Os (0.37 ± 0.27) and elevated ) relative to purely crustal Os-He reservoirs.

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Arsenopyrite also can be associated with significant amounts of gold.

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