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If the tenant does not dispute the notice, the landlord can apply for an Order of Possession and Monetary Order through the Direct Request process.Several tenants included on the same tenancy agreement are called co-tenants.Many also take advantage of their bank’s night drop box, which allows you to put your check in an after-hours deposit slot where bank tellers can process it first thing the next morning.This is especially handy when it’s hard to get to the bank during business hours.Problems can arise when you hold onto a rent check for too long without depositing it, so it’s a good idea to understand exactly how long you can hold a rent check before you can get yourself and your tenant into trouble.While in theory, a tenant will write out a check to represent funds in the bank and you as a landlord should be able to cash that check at any time and the funds would be there.E-Mail: I send my son's half of the rent directly to the landlord. The landlord's office called and said they would have to return the check to me because there was a law that stated that they could not hold checks for more than 3 days before depositing. Although I postdate it with the due date which is the first, they always cash in before the due date. 1, I enclosed a note asking them not to cash it before the due date.

"If the bank doesn't pay attention to the date on the check, then why put a date on the check at all? In theory, when you postdate a check - that is, write a future date on it - the check becomes negotiable only on the date on the check.

We've always paid the total balance due each month.

The Answer: My first question for you: Why do you want to close it so badly?

The tenancy agreement can specify the forms in which rent can be paid (cash, cheque, electronic transfer, etc.).

For example, post-dated cheques can be requested as long as it’s a term included in the agreement and when the tenant moves out, any remaining cheques are returned. This proves that the rent was paid – both landlords and tenants should keep their copy of rent receipts in a safe place.

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The rent check of $425 cleared, but wiped out my balance, which was supposed to cover other checks and ATM withdrawals. The Answer: This is an important lesson for people, and a potentially expensive one for you: It doesn't matter what date is on a check -- it can still be cashed. She noted that such matters are governed by the Uniform Commercial Code, which concerns general business practices.

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