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[0x0C] Edit Tile Data (God Client) [0x15] Follow [0x22] Character Move ACK/ Resync Request [0x2C] Resurrection Menu [0x39] Remove (Group) [0x3A] Send Skills [0x56] Map Packet (cartography/treasure) [0x66] Books (Pages) [0x6C] Target Cursor Commands [0x6F] Secure Trading [0x71] Bulletin Board Messages [0x72] Request War Mode [0x73] Ping Message [0x93] Book Header ( Old ) [0x95] Dye Window [0x98] All Names (3D Client Only) [0x99] Give Boat/House Placement View [0x9A] Console Entry Prompt [0x B8] Request/Char Profile [0x BB] Ultima Messenger [0x BD] Client Version [0x BE] Assist Version [0x BF] General Information Packet [0x C2] Unicode Text Entry [0x C8] Client View Range [0x C9] Get Area Server Ping (God Client) [0x CA] Get User Server Ping (God Client) [0x D0] Configuration File [0x D1] Logout Status [0x D4] Book Header ( New ) [0x D6] Mega Cliloc [0x D7] Generic AOS Commands [0x F1] Freeshard List [0x00] Create Character [0x01] Disconnect Notification [0x02] Move Request [0x03] Talk Request [0x04] Request God Mode (God Client) [0x05] Request Attack [0x06] Double Click [0x07] Pick Up Item [0x08] Drop Item [0x09] Single Click [0x0A] Edit (God Client) [0x12] Request Skill etc use [0x13] Drop-Wear Item [0x14] Send Elevation (God Client) [0x1E] Control Animation [0x34] Get Player Status [0x35] Add Resource (God Client) [0x37] Move Item (God Client) [0x38] Pathfinding in Client [0x3B] Buy Item(s) [0x45] Version OK [0x46] New Artwork [0x47] New Terrain [0x48] New Animation [0x49] New Hues [0x4A] Delete Art [0x4B] Check Client Version [0x4C] Script Names [0x4D] Edit Script File [0x50] Board Header [0x51] Board Message [0x52] Board Post Message [0x57] Update Regions [0x58] Add Region [0x59] New Context FX [0x5A] Update Context FX [0x5C] Restart Version [0x5D] Login Character [0x5E] Server Listing [0x5F] Server List Add Entry [0x60] Server List Remove Entry [0x61] Remove Static Object [0x62] Move Static Object [0x63] Load Area [0x64] Load Area Request [0x69] Change Text/Emote Colors [0x75] Rename Character [0x7D] Response To Dialog Box [0x80] Login Request [0x83] Delete Character [0x8D] Character Creation ( KR SA 3D clients only ) [0x91] Game Server Login [0x9B] Request Help [0x9F] Sell List Reply [0x A0] Select Server [0x A4] Client Spy [0x A7] Request Tip/Notice Window [0x AC] Gump Text Entry Dialog Reply [0x AD] Unicode/Ascii speech request [0x B1] Gump Menu Selection [0x B3] Chat Text [0x B5] Open Chat Window [0x B6] Send Help/Tip Request [0x C5] Invalid Map (Request?) [0x D9] Spy On Client [0x E0] Bug Report (KR) [0x E1] Client Type (KR/SA) [0x EC] Equip Macro (KR) [0x ED] Unequip Item Macro (KR) [0x EF] KR/2D Client Login/Seed [0x F8] Character Creation ( ) [0x0B] Damage [0x11] Status Bar Info [0x16] New Health bar status update (SA) [0x17] Health bar status update (KR) [0x1A] Object Info [0x1B] Char Locale and Body [0x1C] Send Speech [0x1D] Delete Object [0x1F] Explosion [0x20] Draw Game Player [0x21] Char Move Rejection [0x23] Dragging Of Item [0x24] Draw Container [0x25] Add Item To Container [0x26] Kick Player [0x27] Reject Move Item Request [0x28] Drop Item Failed/Clear Square (God Client?

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They are first mentioned by name in Chapter 325 and Episode 230.

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