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Megalodon was the biggest shark that ever lived, but just how big was it?Paleontologists aren't quite sure, but most agree that Megalodon grew to at least 52 feet.But Lime is the one who controls the story, which centers on Martins investigating the circumstances of his enigmatic childhood chum’s demise.Eventually, he becomes convinced that Lime isn’t really dead after all.Had a relationship with Ron Starr, they had a son named Christopher Starr.

Lime’s old pal, destitute pulp writer Holly Martins (played by frequent Welles cohort Joseph Cotten), is the film’s ostensible protagonist.

For example, experts can determine a Megalodon’s age at death by examining the centra.

Each centra contains growth rings, sort of like a tree.

In 1666, while studying the teeth of great white sharks, naturalist Nicolaus Steno made the realization that these “tongue stones” were actually shark’s teeth.

His biggest discovery was that these teeth had kept their form, but not their composition – that they’d been turned into rock over a very long period of time. Since then, scientists have found hundreds of fossilized Megalodon teeth and spinal segments known as centra.

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Blues singers and people who are singing on stage have the same feelings and emotions that someone who is called to be a priest might have." Fortunately for fans of rock and roll, White eventually chose not to join the clergy but to pursue his other true calling — music — instead.

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