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Of the many other myths about vaccines that stubbornly persist despite all evidence showing them not only to be untrue but to be risibly, pseudoscientifically untrue, among whose number are myths that vaccines cause autism, sudden infant death syndrome, and a syndrome that so resembles shaken baby syndrome (more correctly called abusive head trauma) that shaken baby syndrome is a misdiagnosis for vaccine injury, the antivaccine conspiracy theory that vaccines are being used for population control is one of the most persistent.In this myth, vaccines are not designed to protect populations of impoverished nations against diseases like the measles, which still kills hundreds of thousands of people a year outside of developed countries. Rather, according to this myth, vaccines are in fact a surreptitious instrument of population control designed to render people sterile, for whatever nefarious reasons the powers that be have to want to control the population.Kenyan motorists are scrumming to buy dash cams after an old video emerged showing a driver being saved from a rogue police officer by the camera.The video from last year has started going viral this week.Protests and violence broke out after he was declared the winner.Most of the demonstrators were supporters of Odinga, who has rejected the results of the presidential election, calling the vote rigged.

Just over the border in Tanzania is Mt Kilimanjaro, which many travelers to Kenya also visit.The driver immediately flips and informs the officer that no one had stopped him and he had video evidence. “Have a good day,” he responds as he embarks on the journey.Many motorists who have watched the video have vowed to buy the dash cams to save themselves from unscrupulous officers.It shows a motorist driving below the recommended 50kph at the Mountain View estate along Waiyaki Way.The video clearly shows a police officer at the operation spot flagging down another motorist to his left.

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Kenyatta, the 55-year-old son of the country's founding President, was declared the winner Friday, defeating veteran opposition leader Raila Odinga for a second five-year term.

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