Freida and dev patel dating

Freida and dev patel dating

Freida Selena Pinto aka Frieda Pinto is an Indian actress and is has done remarkable jobs on the screen so what’s her life going off the screen.

The news became overnight gossips for the internet, many fans were heartbroken by this awful news.If you watched, Academy Award Winning movie Slum Dog Millionaire, you will be the familiar with the name Freida Pinto and Dev Patel.Dev and Frieda recently hit the news when they broke up in 2014 both the recently again got the news when she finally revealed the reason for their split.Their own surprises, their own disappointments, and they're all part and parcel of life...Dev and I are best friends, that's never going to change."While Patel refused to talk about the gritty details as to why the couple split (though, much like Pinto he waxed lyrical about how important they are to each other) in an interview with The Guardian, he did deny rumors that they were only together as a publicity stunt to promote “That would be a really long game for a horny 17-year-old to play.

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[ Photos: Celebrity Couples Who Met On Set ] A source close to the couple revealed that the two have parted ways for a while now.

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