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so I believe what the people who's close to Ella and what Ella said .

after all , this news is actually started by Apple Daily's tabloid , the media that is very well known for its "creativity" to create false news and rumors by manipulating other people's words. did not even know she was dating..i guess its not jerry yan, blue lan, or wu zun..she isnt the tomboys/highschooler she portrays..i'd like to see her in more grown-up roles..luck to ellla...

Kept his marriage for four years In 2011, Taiwanese tabloids published a photo of Wu Chun with a baby and exposed his marriage and his four-month-old baby.

Back then, Wu Chun denied the reports repeatedly and even threatened to sue the magazine for the untrue report. I felt that the less people knew about it, the better it was.

Since the filming idol drama of “Hana Kimi” Ella was rumoured with rumoured boyfriend Wu Zun; since he was present, reporters chased after him asking if he minded?It already seems to have started with the reporters following him, knowing his car and where he stays. But if Ella says they are just friends, ur fans trust u baobei, then its good bec we dnt want to see Ella getting hurt. who should we believe about dating status, a celebrity who said just friend only or a stable business man who said they are in serious relationship :-) If Ella is not a singer but is just a normal person, I think he is too good for her. Selina's dad already sent a message on his weibo saying that this news rumors is not true and cheered Ella up .Dude looks like a stable career type of guy, something that entertainers often cherish over dating another entertainer. even Hebe also sent a symbolic message on her weibo kind of denying this rumors .Wu Zun was just embarassed and laughed saying: “Not really, Ella is like my younger bro, she would come to my room every night.” After everyone enjoyed the feast, Ella expressed she would really like to experience a hardcore love relationship, and said: “From the start to entering the coffin, a woman will still want a love relationship.” Selina also disclosed with “lawyer guy” is hard to develop, and since tempting for program “Kang Xi” the interaction with the show assistant Chen Han Dian has been attracting. E, the bubbly trio Selina, Hebe and Ella have turned themselves into music deejays.Selina says: “Before I gave my number to him, and even said clearly don’t like me, if you like me, I’ll ignore you.” So after that speech it’s a small chance they’ll be together, Selina was afraid of hurting Chen Han Dian, then explained: “Chen Han Dian is like my younger brother. Since 23 Sep, their chirpy voices have been heard every night on a special Internet radio website set up by their record label, HIM Music.

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“I have another baby coming soon.” Yesterday, Wu Chun suddenly confessed through his blog post about his secret marriage to his high school sweetheart, Lin Liying and went on disclosing that they have a daughter.

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