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Eddie izzard dating

Read on for ten fascinating facts about the mirth-maker, thespian and self-proclaimed "action transvestite".1. His family moved to Northern Ireland when he was a toddler, before relocating to Wales and eventually Sussex.2.

Eddie began a Maths and Financial Accounting degree at Sheffield University, but quit before he graduated to pursue his comedy career.3.

The show is Stripped – which he toured in the UK in 2009 – but with a difference: this is all in French, which is quite an achievement, particularly considering it’s a 90-minute show.

He spent three months living in Paris last year, polishing his French, performing in French (the young, hip French stand-ups are all fous for Izzard) and living as a Frenchman.

His dedication to his acting career has paid off too: he's currently earning rave reviews for his role in Virgin 1's hotly-tipped US import .The lights cascade down in neon green and flashing blue, the electronic music pounds to a climax as Eddie Izzard walks smartly on stage in high-heeled boots, jeans and tails, looks out at the packed Parisian audience, puts up his hand to silence the applause and breaks into… This is quite a good opening joke, since his devotees – and true Izzardians are every bit as committed in their fandom as Star Trek or Dr Who fans – all know that his next goal (having conquered French) is to learn German (for performing purposes, as well as world peace), then Spanish, Russian and Arabic (ditto).Not only is he striving to be an endurance athlete – as witnessed by his recent marathons, with more to come – but he is clearly set on becoming an endurance linguist, too.The Humanist Community at Harvard, the American Humanist Association, and the Harvard Community of Humanists, Atheists, and Agnostics presented their 6th Annual Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award for Cultural Humanism on February 20 to comedian, actor, marathon runner, and aspiring mayor of London (2020) Eddie Izzard.Following a short performance, Izzard took time for audience questions; here are some highlights: You often use comedy to take on some pretty serious issues in the world. Some people would say I haven’t found that balance. I do intelligent, stupid, stupid, intelligent, smart, stupid. As I started getting into standup, I realized I needed to talk about something. Like I pointed out in the show , this thing from the Catholic Church was to eat the body of Christ and then drink the blood of Christ.

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