Does my computer keeps updating

In your email program, disable preview pane (like in Outlook express).In outlook express, that's found in 'view', 'layout', uncheck the 'preview pane' option, click apply and ok.I don't know what is wrong, but my computer keeps restarting on its own.I thought is was the Blaster Worm but I have Windows ME.Please run the free online virus scanner at the links below: I also thought it might be the So Bigworm, but no one on any of my addressbooks have been sent mail by me.I need my PC for school and I can't get any work done because it wont act righ!

I click on Add Printer, and I get this message...."Windows cannot open Add Printer. Please restart the spooler or restart the machine." So since I know next to nothing about anything and couldn't find a spooler to restart if you paid me, I figure that "restart the machine" means reboot, so I do..the printer reappears. Sometimes it takes hours before the printer disappears, sometimes minutes.

I really need the help as a I am a college student & most of my work is on this computer. My computer doesnt respond and then freezes and I have to restart it by holding power button. so I have to go on safe mode with command prompt but its hard to work that..whenever I log in and go on normal mode, when I click something it freezes and says : not repsonding. I have a external hard drive adaptator to run the infected HDD in another PC with an anti-virus up to date (ex. Finally, do a system restore to repair errors that virus/trojan may have this is a laptop mebbe u need to try using a 9cell battery and then not plugging it in until u have shut down the computer... try workin ur lappy wid the available battery and then keep it disconnected all the whether u cud use ur lappy or not....

I can't afford it to be crashing before next semester starts. I have already uninstalled my main browser firefox, and I am now using Internet Explorer and the problem has not changed. Okay mine does the same thing, I have the same exact computer and I thought it was just my computer doing this stuff I get into something really important. Also a little tip check the caps on motherboard if the look like they are leaking or bulging their about to blow sounds like small firecracker. if this solves half ur problem..the biggest problem....

Hello, Everytime I start windows XP & log into my settings, My computer freezes & I have to go into safe mode.

I have no clue why & have done numerous scans for viruses, spyware, etc. If anyone can tell me why its doing this & how to stop it without spending money that would be awesome. It started a few days ago where whenever I log in either normal mode or safe mode, after a period of time of opening the browser or sometimes opening nothing at all.. Next re-put the HDD in the PC ant boot in safe-mode.

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System Restore only works if you have restore points saved on your computer.

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