Disk utility stuck on updating boot support partitions

Disk utility stuck on updating boot support partitions

Here, Ease US partition software is available for free download to help.Being able to create a bootable USB flash drive and start from the disk, this program is a popular bootable partition manager that can help you format hard drive without Windows installation CD. Connect a USB flash drive, pen drive, memory stick, etc to a working PC. Launch Ease US Partition Master, select "Create Win PE bootable disk" on the main window. Select the external USB device and then start to create a bootable disk of Ease US partition software.'s automated boot configuration repair ensures that a system volume is bootable.In cases where this process encounters problems or where the volume is part of a complex multi-boot scenario, the Boot Configuration Utility (BCU) can manage the boot configuration repair process.Deleting sda3 does not help since grub2 requires that bios-grub partition, nor will it use either sda or sda4 aborting with the error: "This GPT partition table has no BIOS boot partition; embedding won't be possible! So installing Ubuntu with the bios-grub partition fails and installing without it fails.Slightly adventurous Intel-based Mac ("Mactel") owners seem to often be afraid or confused about installing Ubuntu alongside OS X, but it is not very difficult.

However, in rare cases, the utility might not be as helpful as it should be and can leave your Mac’s SSD or hard drive in a mess.Mac OS X has a built-in disk diagnostic and repair program called fsck or file system consistency check.Unlike Disk Utility, which can only verify the current startup disk, fsck will verify and repair the current startup disk. As soon as you hear the startup tone, press and hold Command-S on the keyboard.A little research through Apple’s support documentation for the right OS X Terminal commands led me to the below solution. The presence of the bios-grub partition that the Ubuntu installer creates by default (e.g., sda3) causes a conflict that prevents syncing the GPT and MBR partition tables.

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There are third-party tools which allow resizing the Boot Camp's NTFS partition, but these tools can cause instability or startup failure due to incompatibility with Apple's GPT/MBR partition scheme.

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