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He was 13 years old when he realized that he wanted to be a dancer.His mother persuaded him to dance as a child, and her persistence was a major influence on his success in the business.With credits in Glee, The X Factor and Fired Up, she is an accomplished dancer who has worked with acclaimed choreographers Will Da Beast Adams and Dejan Tubic. She was already racking up television credits in as early as 1997.She has a popular You Tube channel titled Miss Janelle G which has more than 250,000 subscribers.var ua = Lower Case(); var flash Installed = false; if (typeof(navigator.plugins)! ="undefined" && typeof(navigator.plugins["Shockwave Flash"])=="object") else if (typeof window. By Jazmine Clarke Twitter: @djjazzygirl Instagram: @djjazzygirl Here is a throwback video of choreographer Dejan Tubic and Janelle Ginestra.I remember watching his videos when they would first come out.

***NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGMENT INTENDED*** Filmed by Dani Rodriguez Edited by: Dejan Tubic w. (Thanks Gurr ;)) Choreogarphy by: Dejan Tubic & Janelle Ginestra Taught at: IDA Hollywood Dancers: Group 1: Janelle Ginestra & Dejan Tubic Group 2: Josh Killacky & Zack Venegas Group 3: Kayla Shen, Sierra Neudeck, & Peanut.

v=Emo1w Wr Ck Jc&list=UU4S58ywq Wqwqnt GU2q9JJ8Q&index=1&feature=plcp or visit for more!

Accomplished dancer who is well known for his You Tube channel i Dej ANCE where he posts choreography videos, performances, and video blogs about his experiences.

At age seven, Janelle moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting.

Now you can meet adventurous Las Vegas singles who are looking for anything and almost everything, from fun and more!

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Dance classes in Los Angeles, CA can cost up to $25. "The Dance App" is brought to you by Jerome Alexander (some of his credits include Jennifer Lopez, Kanye West, a So You Think You Can Dance Commercial, and Zooey Deschanel's "New Girl"), Kevin Andrews (Big Rich, Lean Rimes, and Alan Jackson), and their business partner Stacy Hagen.

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