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Like the girl whose fully naked likeness landed in Rachel's inbox a few years back.

The boy who'd originally received the picture, Rachel remembers, forwarded the image to another girl who circulated it all over town.

Here are some more mind boggling findings from that same survey: It is widely known that face-to-face bullying can result in long-term psychological harm to victims, including low self-esteem, depression, anger, school failure and avoidance and in some cases, school violence or suicide.

In fact, in a study of over 3,000 students, one researcher found that 38% of bully victims felt vengeful, 37% were angry, and 24% felt helpless. The impact of cyberbullying: A new type of relational aggression.

According to a 2001 fact sheet on juvenile bullying produced by the the U. Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice and delinquency Prevention, victims of schoolyard bullying fear going to school and experience loneliness, humiliation, and insecurity. Paper based on a program presented at the American Counseling Association Annual Conference and Exposition, Charlotte, NC.

Moreover, they tend to struggle with poor relationships and have difficulty making emotional and social adjustments.

To learn more about what the law says, see our prezis: Sexting is using the internet or your phone to share nude/sexy pictures.

In fact, while few students will cop to having sexted—loosely defined as having sent a sexual photo, video, or text message via cell phone—a greater number will admit to having received, or at least viewed, someone else's sext.

Le indagini sociologiche e statistiche condotte sul tema sono numerose, specie negli Stati Uniti, e ci aiutano a inquadrare meglio la portata e le dimensioni del fenomeno.

Uno studio condotto nel 2012 dal dipartimento di Psicologia dell'Università dello Utah (ricercatori Donald S. Sustaíta e Jordan Rullo) condotta su 606 adolescenti tra i 14 e i 18 anni ha rilevato che circa il 20% degli studenti affermava di aver inviato una propria immagine sessualmente esplicita attraverso il telefono cellulare e quasi il doppio di averla ricevuta.

But NSW state law is not the only law that applies.

When you use the internet or a mobile phone, the national law of Australia also applies, even though you are in NSW.

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So cyberbullying is not some insignificant problem experienced by few.

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