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A more confident and bold cat in your household may be sending your fearful cat a subtle message to “stay out of my way.” This message can be communicated with a stare, by blocking certain pathways in your home, or by making one’s presence very obvious (e.g., lying outstretched in the middle of the living room).

Your fearful cat gets the message and goes out of his way to avoid conflict.

Cats only expose their litter if Surprisingly they are also very low maintenance especially since they don’t crave for too much attention as compared to dogs and clean well after themselves by licking and pooping in the litter box.

Cats only expose their litter if craving for attention or intimidating their owners.

Dogs and cats do speak different languages, though, and they need us to help them understand one another.

Here are nine things you can do to help your cat and a new dog live in harmony.

They are equally sensitive to their environment, but express that in different ways.

Why should I, when I saw the two species enjoying one another’s company — and occasionally even snuggling together — every day of my formative years?

That’s because cats make friends the same way we do; finding mutual interests and sharing a common outlook.

Alphas, Betas, and Gammas use different signals to communicate with their people.

If your fearful cat did not grow up with other cats, he may not be used to interacting with others of his species and may not recognize your other cats’ overtures of friendship.

In addition, like dogs, cats have a hierarchy, though it is more complex.

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Put your cat’s litterbox in that room and feed your cat in a place out of the dog’s reach.

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